Saturday, January 2, 2010

Things I learned at the movies tonight...

1. I still love Matt Damon after all these years. He is just cool.
2. Rugby is a brutal sport. They don't wear helmets, people!
3. All I understand about rugby after watching Invictus is... see #2.
4. Quality sports movies always make me cry.
5. Never sit down on a public toilet without looking first.


Kari said...

I keep asking people if they know how to play rugby because I feel it would have enhanced my enjoyment of the film. (I enjoyed it quite a lot, but I could NOT figure out how the scoring worked based on the movie.)

Lori said...

Me too, Kari. I could not understand a bit of it. At times it seemed like football, and then others... not so much. I too would have liked it more if I had understood the game.