Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Katy's turning into a bit of a bruiser. She's always slamming into stuff and getting hurt, but yesterday she tripped at Mom's Day Out and got a genuine bloody nose. (I'm so proud.) She's all right, but was apparently freaked out by the sight of the blood. While they cleaned her up and washed her hands, she just stood there with her eyes closed.

Funny story. Yesterday morning, Brynn came into my bedroom and perched herself on top of one of the pillows on the bed, cross-legged. She was wearing a tiara, chin held high. Katy was close on her heels, also climbing onto the bed, but curling up on the other pillow in the fetal position. I turned around as I was straightening my hair and raised an eyebrow in Brynn's direction. "I'm the queen," she explained simply. "Katy's my cat." Anyone care to guess which one of them assigned the roles?

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