Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A couple of nights ago, we were sitting around the dinner table eating dessert when Brynn said, "I bet God is eating dinner right now too." Jim shot me a look, then asked her what she thought God was having for dinner. She looked up confidently and said, "blue Jello, same as us."

Yesterday Brynn drew a very cool picture of herself and me shopping at Wal-Mart. (I know it's sad, but it's what we do.) Anyway, she was talking about the picture, saying how I was super tall in it and had really curly hair... and then she had me spell out the letters for Wal-Mart so she could write them in the background. It was a keeper. At some point during Brynn's commentary, Katy took a break from her own scribble action in the Pooh coloring book, and leaned across the table on her elbows. She scrutinized Brynn's work, then wanted to know, "Where KAY-ty?! Where ME? Where MEEEEEE?!" Brynn looked at the ceiling and sighed. Then she went back to her picture and said frankly, "You weren't BORN yet."

Tonight on the way to Wal-Mart (I can't help it, we needed diapers!), Katy was having a full-on tantrum. I don't know how to describe this event other than to say, it is truly an impressive display of emotion. Before we left the house, she jumped up in the air twice like a sumo wrestler coming down on an opponent and then threw herself in the floor on her stomach screaming, fists clenched and pounding. I love her like my next breath, but I had to turn away so she wouldn't see me doubling over in laughter. So now we're in the car on the way and the tantrum is just starting to show signs of waning. I say, "Katy, you need to dry it up Baby because there is no crying in Wal-Mart." Brynn smiles at me in the rearview mirror and says, "That's right Katy. There's a sign right on the door that says No Crying." I smiled back at her little joke. Katy continues to wail. Brynn's smile goes conspiratorial and she says, "If you get caught crying in Wal-Mart the police will come and take you to jail!" I laugh at the joke and Brynn is satisfied. Then she looks over at her still-miserable sister and says sweetly, "Oh, Katy. I'm just messing with ya a little bit."

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Traci said...

LOVE it! Too funny. Aren't you glad you have a blog to store all these funny things on? It will be so great to show Brynn and Katy someday...sweet, sweet treasures!