Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Highlights ~ July 2

As we were driving away from the church tonight we saw a woman walking alone.

Brynn: Mommy, why is she walking all by herself?
Me: I think she's probably walking for exercise, Honey.
Brynn: Do you think she went to church and someone forgot to pick her up?

I love that Katy is starting to figure out so many new things. We have a large bin in our living room filled with all our kitchen toys... mixer, toaster, coffee pot, pitchers, tea set, plates, cups, and every kind of food you can name. The girls play with this more than anything else. Brynn is the master and can really put together some impressive looking dishes. (If you ever come over, be sure to order the apple tea or the grape soup. You will not be disappointed.) But now Katy is following in her footsteps. This morning she found me in the back of the house and handed me a green pan with a hunk of broccoli in it. When I took it from her, she clapped her little hands with excitement. I think she knew she accomplished something. It was kind of a big moment for me too... still a sweet childlike action, but quite a step up from just wandering around the house with a plastic banana hanging out of her mouth. It happens very fast, doesn't it?


Raye said...

My parents left me at church one time...i've never fully recovered.

Lori said...

You'll have to tell me that story sometime. My mom got left at a gas station in MO while the family was vacationing. She was five. The guy who worked there kept telling her, "Honey, they'll be right back. They'll be right back." She says she can still see their car driving away.