Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rant #1

So yesterday we got a flyer in the mail inviting us to a church--a Baptist church. (We are Baptist.) I read the front of the flyer and thought to myself, Impressive. I always like to see a church willing to spend money in order to draw in new people, particularly those who are lost or unchurched. My enthusiasm, however, would be short lived. I flipped the mailing over and saw a couple of phrases jumping and waving to me from the top of the back page:

King James Bible

Old-Fashioned Baptists

Okay, really? On a mailing that went to every house in my neighborhood and probably most of the county? Let's be honest, Church Who Sent the Flyer. You don't really want me to come to your services. In fact, you told me so quite explicitly. Because while I do own a KJV Bible, I primarily use the NASB or the NIV, and you've indicated that is a dealbreaker. Why? Why do you care what translation I use to study God's word? And what does "old-fashioned Baptist" even mean? That you are Calvinists? (Not likely.) That you don't dance? That there is an age restriction? I noticed you have a youth minister on staff and must confess I find it ironic--good, but ironic. Do you require the KJV in high school Bible studies? Are your teenagers "old-fashioned Baptists?"

I've got hang-ups too. I have opinions and feelings about what I like and don't like in church and worship--everyone does. But I hope to always find myself in a church where those feelings are being challenged, where I don't like every single song every single week and I really do have to deal with the diversity that is the body of Christ. Most days I have a pretty positive outlook on the Church. But some days I think we are nothing but a fractured bride waiting at the altar for her Groom, with a sad explanation about why our hands are at the other church where they read from the King James and our legs went to the late service because the music is more contemporary. Yesterday was one of those days for me.

Please join me in praying that we--myself included--can get over our personal preferences, especially when clinging to them is costing us precious fellowship with a large number of God's people.

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Julie said...

Amen sister!!!!!!!!!