Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Brynn came to me this morning and poked her head around a doorway with wide eyes. "Mommy," she said soberly. "Did you know there was more than one moon?" "I did know that, yes," I told her. "Okay," she said, and went back to watching PBS.

An hour later, in the car...

Brynn: We are on planet Earth.
Katy: No, we're not.
Brynn: Yes, we are, Katy. This whole big thing is a planet, like the whole world. And the one we are on is called Earth.
Katy: (exasperated) No, Brynna. We are on a road.
Brynn: Mommy, Katy says we are not on planet Earth.
Katy: But Mommy, we are on this road!
Me: You are both right. We are definitely on this road, and we are definitely on planet Earth.

Then Brynn proceeded to explain to Katy about the Earth and the planets and outer space.

Things I've learned today:
1. Kindergarten is turning Brynn into a smarty-pants NASA-nerd like her Daddy.
2. You can learn a lot from PBS.

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