Saturday, August 16, 2008

Restaurant Stuff

Brynn: (very serious) Mommy. I have some delicious food I made just for you.
Me: Really? That's great, where is it?
Brynn: (holding up her pointer) One minute.
She leaves, and comes back with a tiny basket of food.
Brynn: This is a orange-grape sandwich. It's in a basket because I couldn't carry everything.
Me: Awesome.
Brynn: (producing another item) And here is some yummy, yummy corn.
Me: Thanks. That looks great.
Brynn: (handing me food in a pitcher) And this is a grape-pizza sandwich. It's so good.
Me: Wow, thanks.
Brynn: (clasping her hands) What would you like to drink?
Me: Um, diet Coke. With lots of ice--don't forget the ice.
(She returns with the cup of diet Coke.)
Brynn: Anything else?
Me: I don't think so, but thank you very much.
Brynn: (turning to leave) C'mon, Katy. (It is now that I see Katy is tagging along behind, holding a purple plate in one hand and a skillet with the lid on in the other.)
Me: Are you teaching Katy how to make food?
Brynn: Yeah. Me and Katy are servers. We're serving food. We have to go now Mommy. Eat your food, okay?
Guess they had other customers.