Tuesday, May 6, 2008


We were driving through the country on the way to pick up Jim from work...

Brynn: Mommy. Can I be a farmer?
Me: Sure, baby. You can be whatever you want.
(pause: 3-yr old thinking)
Brynn: Can I be a bird?
Me: Well... you can pretend to be a bird. But you can't really change into one.
Brynn: I don't want to pretend.
Me: Well. God made you to be a little girl, exactly the way you are, just how He wanted you to be. So you can't change into a bird. But don't you think its fun to pretend?
(pause: 3-yr old thinking)
Brynn: No. I want to be a real bird. And fly.

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Julie said...

Little does she know that she already flies.